New Year, New Business


My name is Nicola White. I’m a Communications Manager and Principal of Image Consultancy Say Something Back.

My passion is helping people and businesses become the best version of themselves. I write for and design communications plans for large organisations, small business and not for profits. And I work with individuals teaching them how to use style, communication and behaviour to achieve their personal and professional goals.

I love to share my knowledge and creativity with my followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Polyvore, Pinterest and through my blog.

In my opinion, being ‘stylish’ is more about you than what our world dictates. You dress, communicate and behave according to your personality, values, preferences and lifestyle. And if you wear what suits your shape, your proportions, size and colouring you will always look and feel good.

That being said, it is fun to embrace trends from time to time and it is my job to keep you abreast of what these are…here’s a few to watch out for in 2014.

Tote bags (particularly with practical pockets), square heels, sling back ankle boots, boyfriend jeans with frayed hems, soft denim shorts, suede jackets, marbled print skirts, bright snakeskin, a simple shift dress and my favourite of them all, cascading necklaces. I have created some visual examples for you on Polyvore:


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