‘Find your look, feel confident, be individual’

Hi. My name is Nic White. I have been in Marketing, Communications and PR for 16 years, working with a variety of industries from billion dollar organisations to small business and not for profits.

7 years ago I set up my own style and colour coaching business, Say Something Image, focusing on my 3 main passions; style, colour and helping others.

Within the first tenth of a second of meeting someone a first impression is formed – 55% is based on how you look, 37% on how you sound and 7% on what you say. Knowing how to project yourself is important.

There are many willing sources of image and ‘style’ advice out there – personal stylists, hairdressers, retail assistants, magazines, blogs, celebrities, social media, even people we know and love. The trouble is that a lot are not properly skilled or qualified to give that advice and they don’t take the time to understand individual lifestyle, body shape, proportion and variation, personality, colouring, goals, values  and budget – key factors in getting it right. So we’re left feeling unhappy and confused.

I trained with the internationally renowned Academy of Professional Image and take the time to get to know my clients to create clarity and bring out the best possible results. I coach men and women of all ages and young people on how to dress, communicate and carry themselves confidently and comfortably and learn how to look and feel great.

When I am not working 1:1 with clients, I present on professional and positive body image in businesses, schools amd workshops and I regularly post free tips on my Instagram and Facebook to inspire and help others.

Nicola White
Image Coach
Principal of Say Something Image

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